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Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2017, May 23th-25th

Licensing Italia has interviewed Jessica Blu, Senior Vice President, Licensing UBM, on the upcoming Las Vegas Licensing Expo (May, 23th-25th) L.I. What are the basic elements of the enduring success of Las Vegas Licensing Expo? J.B. For 37 years Licensing Expo has been the key to connecting the worlds’ entertainment, character, fashion, art and corporate […]

LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey 2017: interview to Maura Regan, EVP LIMA

Licensing Italia, LIMA Representative in Italy, has interviewed Maura Regan, Executive Vice President LIMA, on LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey 2017. L.I. What is the LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey and what’s the methodology behind it?  M.R.: The LIMA Global Licensing Industry Survey is an in depth bottom-up analysis that sizes the global licensing market by property type and product category.  In April 2016 Brandar Consulting […]

Retail Mentoring Programme: New retailers and new categories join brand licensing programme – only a few places remain

Brand Licensing Europe has today announced a new host of retailers which have joined its Retail Mentoring Programme. The mentees on this year’s course, which is now CPD accredited, represent numerous retail categories and departments, including buyers, marketers and designers from apparel, gift, toys and leisure. Stand out additions to the programme include: online retailer […]

Join the conversation at Mind Mix Milan, March 30th-31st

WHAT IS MIND MIX? Mind Mix is a two-day executive forum featuring high-level, interactive dialogue between leading global licensing professionals. LIMA Mind Mix 2017 will take place in Milan, via Monte Rosa 91, headquarter of PwC, partner of Lima and Lima Mind Mix, in March, 30th-31st. HOW DOES IT WORK? Mind Mix is a two-day […]

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