Chupa Chups in vogue

Following the success in Zara, Pull&Bear, Cache Cache, Urban Outfitters, Tezenis, H&M, Chupa Chups®, the iconic lollipop brand, keeps spreading its sweet image among famous international lifestyle retailers.

Now it’s the turn of the French retailer Pimkie that has created a fashion t-shirt with a cute and appealing vintage design: “The Original Lollipop”, a reinterpretation of a popular advertisement from the sixties.

The popular retailer Primark also gets on board this sweet trend by launching a new style. Primark has decided to pay a tribute to the evergreen and iconic Chupa Chups logo designed by Salvador Dalí.

And there is more to come this 2019. Other fast fashion retailers are preparing new colourful designs and amazing collections which will be available very soon. 

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