Corto Maltese: the adventurous sailor born from the pen of Hugo Pratt enters the Maurizio Distefano Licensing portfolio for amazing licensing projects

New entry for Maurizio Distefano Licensing agency is Corto Maltese, the famous comic book character created by Hugo Pratt in 1967, protagonist of exciting stories and adventures around the world and subject of watercolours, black and white sketches and graphic novels created by the skilled hand of the author, which, applied to the Consumer Product, can characterize apparel and accessories giving them the unique style of the sailor

Corto Maltese is a cult character of the best European graphic novel, but also a real literary myth of the twentieth century. He is a traveller, an ironic sailor who combines Mediterranean appearance and character with an Anglo-Saxon culture. Corto is an anti-hero who prefers freedom and imagination to wealth, he is a modern Ulysses able to make us travel to the most fascinating places in the world.

The stories of Corto Maltese are 29 of various lengths and are characterized by the presence of precise historical references, consistent geographical notations and in-depth characterization of the characters, elements that make it suitable for an adult target.

Collaborations with highly prestigious brands, such as Lanvin, Monnalisa, Angel & Devil, Iceberg, Adolfo Dominguez, include it among the brands that manage to create a perfect combination of comics and fashion, which arises from the possibility of implementing a stylistic research based on Pratt’s numerous works.

Maurizio Distefano, President of the homonymous agency, says: “Corto Maltese enters the Agency’s portfolio to enrich the offer of well-known and highly positioned brands. It identifies above all as an iconic and intriguing brand for adults, which due to these qualities is also suitable for high-end products “.


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