Frida Kahlo Adds Jewelry to the Licensed Product Offer

This September Kidult launched their first Frida Kahlo licensed collection of 6 bracelet designs with engravings of Frida’s thoughtful phrases in Italian and English.

Embellished with decorative pendants the products are marketed as gifts for girls and women of all ages. The products are distributed throughout Italy in a selection of specialized shops and via Kidult’s web store.

Frida Kahlo, artist, muse, fashion icon and the personalization of global female empowerment. These are some of the reasons why Italian jewelry maker, Kidult, has chosen to pay tribute to her with an exclusive collection of steel bracelets.

Kidult is the concept brand of the jewelry company Mabina Srl, a Milanese firm and established Italian company, founded in 1999 by a three generations’ family of jewelers. Kidult specializes in the design, production and marketing of proprietary brands.

Only a few years after the launch of their “Life Collection”, Kidult has become a landmark in the fashion jewelry industry.

“Love. Family. Symbols. Spirituality. Free Time. Special Moments. Animal Planet. Nature. Philosophy. Irony. Charity “ are the fundamental values ​​of life according to Kidult, who conceived the “Circle of Life” concept that encompasses them all and inspires designers in the creation of collectable 316L steel bracelets.

Jewels that combine past, present and future, describing the adventure of life through a light, trendy, original style with a captivating aesthetic.

“We are excited and honored for this new exclusive collaboration. The official Frida Kahlo license significantly enriches our Life Collection: Frida was an extraordinary woman and has great affinity with the character of Kidult. Frida’s ideals are very current today and speak the same language that Kidult uses to inspire women. The intensity that Frida has put into every aspect of her life and her rich and powerful imagination are told in the new jewels of the Official Collection. Being able to transmit the passion of Frida gives us strong stimuli, responsibilities and great satisfaction”, comments Francesco Songa, CEO and Creative Director of Mabina.

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