Hello Kitty, official Ambassador of the Japanese Pavilion for Expo 2015

The two key topics behind the Japanese pavilion are Health and Edutainment. Hello Kitty will be the testimonial of the Japanese culture, showing its heritage and traditions and accompanying visitors in their educational tour of the exhibition with a clear teaching role. The 4170 square meters venue will represent both richness and syncretism of the country.

For this special occasion she will be wearing a scarlet Kimono, with a lime “obi”, enriched by white, tending to pale pink, printed cherry blossoms.

Hello Kitty, international POP phenomenon, counting more than 12 million fans, symbolizes generosity, kindness but above all friendship. Her claim is “You can never have too many friends”.

Under the theme of “Harmonious Diversity” Japan aspire to convey feelings of appreciation – cherishing nature and remembering the many people involved in providing food. This message will be delivered by providing visitors with the experience of a faraway journey of food, extending from production areas to the dining table.

Hello Kitty will be attending a variety of PR activities and events during Expo.

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