The Barbie brand amuses, entertains and inspires millions of girls around the world.

Staying in line with the trends and in touch with the girls of today, the evergreen popularity of the Barbie brand is the guarantee of performance for retailers and licensees around the world.

  • Brand awareness: 99%.
  • Penetration in over 45 categories with 60 licensees in Italy.
  • Distribution in more than 150 countries.
  • Undisputed leader in Italy in the category Fashion Dolls.
  • Barbie is the property N. 1 in the toy industry, it’s N. 1 in dolls in the U.S. and is the No. 1 of the traditional toy industry worldwide.
  • Success in the entertainment sector with 19 titles to date sold a total of 85 million copies worldwide.
  • The website of Barbie is placed in the top 5 sites visited by children between 2-11 years. The Barbie Page on Facebook “like” to 1,800,000 friends.
  • 18 million users have registered with us


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