The rise of social media has made celebrity impact even more acute, with consumers given more direct and personal access to icons in entertainment, sports and culture

CAA-GBG help you navigate complexity and uncertainty to find the celebrity partnerships that align with your brand, in order to tangibly impact your business.

Associating brands with celebrity endorsers increases the overall brand value as it leads consumers to change their perception of the quality of the brand, whilst helping them build greater confidence in its products or services.

There are several different ways in which brands can engage with celebrities, from simple social media posts to global ad campaigns and collaborative collections. Delivering a focused message, narrative or identity through icons of sport, entertainment and culture allows brands to cut through clutter, reaching and resonating with a specific yet significant audience.

Seeing an influencer or celebrity endorse a brand sways consumer to make purchases. Celebrity associations not only make products and services more relatable to consumers, but also create a sense of aspiration, altogether increasing the purchase intent of consumers.


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