Charlotte M.

Charlotte is a 14-year-old YouTube Content Creator with a true and effective storytelling that successfully brings her close to her many fans

Charlotte M. has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and is followed on major social media, such as Instagram and Tik Tok where her followers are in continuous growth.

Charlotte finds her followers mainly in a female audience of school-age girls and teenagers, loved because she tells her fans her adventures as a young girl struggling with the most usual topics for her age such as first loves, friendships but also fights, going to school and things to do in her free time.

Her passion for music led her to release 4 singles that turned out to be real hits: “I Love You”, “Buum Buum”, “Hola Flamingo” and “Best Friend”. In addition to music, Charlotte M. also loves to write: she has already published two books, published by Fabbri Editori, “A summer in the Haunted College”, “An Oversea Love”, and launched this February 2022 the third book, “My Secret Life”, also published by Fabbri Editori.


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