Chefclub is the “cooking brand” that grows faster on social media, with over 12 billion views in 2019 and a community of 80 million followers

It was founded in Paris in 2016 by the brothers Thomas, Jonathan and Axel Lang and has developed rapidly all over the world through the production and distribution of funny cooking videos published on social platforms.

Chefclub Network offers easy-to-make recipes that inspire, amuse and surprise, with the aim of transforming the kitchen into a space of sharing and joy. Born with the ambition to create extraordinary recipes using simple ingredients, it transforms recipe videos into real popular entertainment for millions of spectators, reaching a very large audience, which is not limited just to cooking enthusiasts. The channel also has specific thematic sections and recipes for family cooking and entertaining children, with dedicated Chefclub Kids content.


ETS Licensing

ETS Licensing is one of the main independent Italian agencies specialized in managing license rights It is part of ETS STUDIOS, a primary reality in dubbing and post-production services for televisio...
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