Welcome to the world of Elfoodz, the firts cartoon series about food education. Because learning is food for the mind and it can be as easy as an apple pie!!!

The Elfoodz animated series came about through the idea of having children approach their eating patterns and diet in a healthier and more correct way. Elfoodz is an animated series designed to introduce children to healthy eating.

Each episode will have a different child protagonist involved in an adventure on the Elfoodz’ fantastic island, in an effort to help its inhabitants to solve a problem that threatens their world. The protagonist will succeed in spite of the treacherous Toxics, thanks to courage, the new friends met on the island, and especially to a particular kind of food that gives the child the ability to overcome his or her own limitations. The protagonist will realize the importance of such a food and learn to appreciate it, thanks to a recipe prepared with the help of the Elfoodz!


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