Franchise H2O Mermaids

H2O Mermaid Adventures is an animated series relating the daily lives of three normal teenagers, Emma, Cleo and Rikki – as well as their best friend Lewis – who are magically transformed into Mermaids whenever they touch water.

Suddenly a whole new world opens up to them, and as they discover the marvelous undersea world, they also realize that each one of them has gained a magical power:

  • Emma can cool water down to freezing ice
  • Cleo can shape water into any form and move it around
  • Rikki can heat water, making it boil, evaporate, etc.

As if being an ordinary teenager wasn’t enough of a problem, they now have to live with this!

At least they can count on each other and their friends Lewis and Bernie, the hermit crab, to help them out of sticky situations and share the exhilarating adventures that are in store for them.

Format: animation series 52 x 26′ HD

Traditional 2D animation in HD with 3D underwater backgrounds

Target Audience: girls and boys 6 – 10 years

Themes: friendship, adolescence / growing up, underwater wildlife, magical powers

Genre / Subgenre: ZDFE.junior / Animation

Stories: 50 % underwater, 50 % on land

Tone: humor, emotion, adventure



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