Godzilla is more than a monster, is a Global Icon!

On 2024: 70th Godzilla Anniversary: Godzilla vs Kong – New movie release – ready to set a new global box office record
Target: All ages Godzilla fans, Pop Culture Young adults, Family & Kids

Godzilla is the main character of more than 35 movies, 2 of them are in Top 10 highest grossing monsters’ movies for all times, reborn in 2014 for a new era of Global Entertainment. Godzilla, born in 1954, has a Guiness world record for “Longest continuously running film franchise” , decades before a top movies like 007 or Batman. Decades of legacy has made Godzilla an international superstar for fans of all ages and a reason for global obsession with Japanese pop culture and media. Godzilla is based on powerful themes, unstoppable strength, epic action and adventures that transcend age, gender and culture. The Monster pantheon created by Toho, the producers of Godzilla, is some of the most powerful and iconic storytelling in the world of cinema, TV and publishing. All these facts, records and fan love transform Godzilla in a perfect brand for licensing and retail partners all over the world, inspiring them to create a products and global collaborations and entertainment projects.

Licensor: DeAPlaneta Entertainment

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