Grisù has never had any doubt about what he wants to be when he grows up: he wants to be a firefighter

Admiring these brave men and women who brave dangers to save others, Grisù sees them as true heroes. His Father Fumé doesn’t understand his son’s vocation: Grisù is a dragon. 

Every day, Grisù goes to the fire station and asks for a job there but the reply is always the same: all positions are filled.

However, Grisù can always depend on the support of his friend Stella, and of course her father David the Fire Chief and the Mayor of the town that find him another role. Because everyone in the town is sure of one thing – Grisù is a dragon who is capable of achieving great things!And because it’s the Fire Chief who suggests these missions to Grisù, he believes that they are as urgent and necessary, as the mission of the firefighters. So the small dragon puffs out his chest: “Always ready!”

Grisù will work as a shepherd, cook, florist in the town and he will fly towards adventures which are even further away: archeologist, diver or even a sailor!Discovering a new world. Driven by his natural enthusiasm and sense of duty – “Helping people is an honor!” – Grisù puts more into the job than anyone else, and uses his energy, his greatest hopes and his ‘touch’ which always gives events an unexpected twist. Very often the situation gets complicated, things go wrong and the little dragon’s emotions overwhelm him…and he releases a little spark which doesn’t resolve anything.

In these moments of doubt, Grisù knows how to be self-sacrificing, and lean on his firefighter spirit – ‘firefighters never give up!’ – to overcome his challenges and save the most critical situations.

This for Grisù is the proof that, regardless of the obstacles that get in his way, one thing is sure: he is going to be a firefighter.

The series aims to show children a small hero that they can identify with.

A hero whose family environment and relationships with other children are the foundation of their daily lives.

Produced by: MONDO TV France, MONDO TV SPA, Pagot, Toon2Tango, ZDF Enterprises GmbH


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