Huntik is an action-adventure series with an epic storyline aimed at 6-12 year old boys.

Combining culture, history and modern characters in a way never before seen in kids’ properties, Huntik offers something completely different from the traditional boys’ cartoons from the U.S. “Huntik: Secret and Seekers” transports its audience across the globe to explore beautiful cities and epic locations, recalling classical legends and stories that are rooted in European tradition and its mythology.

The first and the second series had its broadcast premiere in Italy and Europe in 2009 and in 2011, and was a huge ratings success. Beyond its TV success, Huntik was designed from the ground up to be a multimedia brand. The high collectability of its characters has lent itself to the development of a 360° licensing plan that is being realized all over the world. Huntik now focuses his attention in particular to the toy, the publishing and new media with a three-year development plan that starts from the App to the digital board game and MMO game.

Long before recorded time, ancient and magical creatures called Titans came to Earth from another world, summoned by magicians known as Seekers. Even in modern times, there is nowhere to hide from the perils of this world, especially for the new generation of Seekers. This is when a teenage boy, Lok Lambert, makes a chance discovery that changes his normal high school life forever… Ancient mysteries, battles with the world at stake, epic adventures, thrilling action and strong teamwork power this exciting saga!



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