Over six hours of animation depicting, in 26 fun-filled episodes, the life and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

Set in the Tuscany of the 1400s, the series tells of the adolescence of a young Leonardo who, inspired by observing the nature which surrounds him, is already displaying his strong skills as an inventor.
Accompanied by his loyal friends, including Gioconda and Lorenzo, he goes up against a group of adversaries, in particular Laura, Gottardo and the three Brandis
Filled with amusing anecdotes on the life of the young Tuscan genius, the cartoon’s plot is enriched even further by the presence of funny secondary characters who provide entertaining musical interludes, wonderfully dubbed in Italian by Dario Vergassola and the Banda Osiris.

Season 2 is currently in production, completely in 3D animation!

Target:  Male and female
Age:   Children aged between 5 and 10
Format:  26×13’ 2D + 3D animation in HD


Gruppo Alcuni

Gruppo Alcuni is one of the most vital and innovative production companies in the European animation domain. With a production studio and distribution office for animated cartoons, a group which prod...
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