Lucia Heffernan

The group represents the world-renowned artist with her extraordinary portfolio of works, bringing out the potential of her unique artistic style in a number of internationally produced categories

The year 2022 marked the beginning of a wonderful collaboration between Rainbow and Lucia Heffernan, international painter with a distinctive style and graphic design.

Inspired by her love for animals, Lucia Heffernan’s artistic universe manages to give voice to human emotions through the wonder of gestures and contexts entrusted to the tender and colorful dimension of the animal world, giving voice and personality to the nuances of everyday existence in a refined and distinctive way. Lucia Heffernan’s artistic repertoire counts more than 1,000 paintings, and it is at once extravagant, theatrical, and yet tender, and strongly empathetic.




Founded in 1995 by the visionary genius of Iginio Straffi, the group's chairman and CEO, Rainbow is known worldwide for extraordinarily successful brands such as the Winx Club saga, famous for its con...
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