Masha and The Bear

Masha and The Bear is the record-breaking series, occupying the number 1 position as animated and the most mentioned brand by preschool children globally (Parrot Analytics, H1 2021)

The animated series tells the story of Masha, a mischievous and lively little girl that loves to play pranks and cause troubles to her best friend Bear, who always guides her through her on going adventures. Each episode is a metaphor of the relationship between children and parents’ world. In 2021, it reached more than 100 billion views on YouTube and was among the Guinness World Records as the most viewed animated series.

The young ones but also the older ones are in love with the series: children identify easily with the characters and parents on the other hand, enjoy watching the episodes because of its educational content and positive values, such as friendship, playtime, learning, curiosity and patience.


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