Olive Oyl

The great appeal of Olive Oyl is to be found in its absolute naturalness: it is friendly, cheerful and fun with a strong character that makes an independent, not deceived by anyone.

Olive Oyl is worth a detailed presentation because, over time, has become a major player in a position to be representative also used individually, is not a gregarious but a star of first magnitude.

His determination leaves room for a very feminine aesthetic that goes beyond the stereotypes of women, expressing a unique charm that is the fruit of his personality.
These qualities make it enjoyable for women, that is requiring more and more evidence: this resulted in production of fashion and accessories, with great international designers who have dedicated to Olive Oyl and specific collections.



Premium S.r.l.

Premium was founded in 1973 by Giancarlo Fregnani who had a big experience in promotions and consumer, for which he created promotional campaign today considered "historical". Among founders of the I...
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