Angel’s Friends

It’s morning time in Angie Town, the City of Angels. Five young angels are preparing to fly to Earth where they will remain for a year to complete an internship and graduate as 100% Guardian Angels. The Angels are aged between 8-12, belong to different ethnic groups, love hip-hop music, and are characterized by the […]

Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a video game designed and created by Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish software house. The first release of Angry Birds was launched in December 2009 , recording more than 12 million downloads in just 10 months. This success has prompted the authors to create a real video game series for all devices (smartphone, […]

Animal Planet

The channel where animals play a major role. Animal Planet the international television network owned by Discovery Networks Europe, broadcasts to the youngers all programs dedicated to the life of animals. Animal Planet tells true stories of life in the animal kingdom. Through these stories you can recognize the personality of each animal and realize […]

Baby Boop

Betty Boop was a beautiful baby girl. The productions for the girls from zero to eight 8 years is more suitable to be used Baby Boop, the childhood version of Betty Boop. Baby Boop Betty Boop is very much like the character then immediately traceable adult fashion icon.