Baby Boop

Betty Boop was a beautiful baby girl. The productions for the girls from zero to eight 8 years is more suitable to be used Baby Boop, the childhood version of Betty Boop. Baby Boop Betty Boop is very much like the character then immediately traceable adult fashion icon.

Baby Leo O’ Pard

The childhood version of the series Leo O’Pard was created  to meet the demand for editorial publications for early childhood. It was so successful that the publications in the form of illustrated story books, activity books and books shaped, have been used by the major Italian and foreign publishers. The design is attractive and the […]

Baby Popeye

The characters of the family Baby Popeye won the Telly Award in the Children’s Audience Category. Baby version of the Popeye characters show that they are able to do, since childhood group, a lot of fun with many adventures. Proposed to meet the requirements of the most childish, Baby Popeye, Olive Oyl Baby and their […]

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Fascinating Japanese animated series. This fascinating Japanese animated series about the adventures of Dan and his friends who, after coming into possession of mysterious cards, invent a game called Bakugan spheres based on the launch show containing amazing energy.


The Barbie brand amuses, entertains and inspires millions of girls around the world. Staying in line with the trends and in touch with the girls of today, the evergreen popularity of the Barbie brand is the guarantee of performance for retailers and licensees around the world. Brand awareness: 99%. Penetration in over 45 categories with […]