Bat Pat

Bat Pat is a funny and yellow-belly Pat who lives with the Silver family in Fogville, a small town where supernatural creatures seem to be habitual. What brings these monsters to Fogville? The Silver kids, Martin, Rebecca and Leo along with Bat Pat will help them to solve their little problems. Bat Pat will start […]

Beetle Bailey

Perhaps not everyone knows that Beetle Bailey was not born as a soldier but as a college student. His enlistment occurs only later, but its nature has not changed. His motto: “if you get attacked by the desire to work, lie down until it passes you.” A philosophy that allowed him to go to college […]

Ben 10

Created by Cartoon Network Studios, the new Ben 10 promises even more action and fun. Ben 10 is one of the series most watched and loved by the children and is also one of the most successful franchises in the world of Cartoon Network. The new show will introduce a new generation of fans the […]

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

TV animated cartoon series pre-school conceived by Neville Astley and Mark Baker and produced by Phil Davies of Astley Baker Davies (Peppa Pig). Winner of the BAFTA Award and the British Animation Award, February 10, 2014 won the Emmy Kids Awards in the category of pre-school. Target: male and female children 3-7 years. Concept: magic, […]