Petronix Defenders

Petronix Defenders is a fun and heart-warming TV series about a team of superheroes unlike any other. When danger strikes animals around the world, a team of heroic 7-years- old transforms their high-tech backpacks into robotic pets and rushes off on daring missions to rescue them. Petronix Defenders is already broadcasted on free TV and paid platforms in more than 20 countries, with very successful results. Master toy produced by Alpha Group and many partners in different product categories are already on board.

Series: Season 1 (52×13′)
Technique: CGI animation
Target: 4–8 Years old
Production companies: Actions Studios (Kids and Family Mediawan) & Alpha Group
Status: Broadcasting. In Italy on air on K2 ( Discovery +) and DeaJunior

Licensor: DeAPlaneta Entertainment

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