Pinocchio and Friends

Pinocchio and Friends is the innovative animated series inspired by the classic book by Carlo Collodi and set in our modern days.

Between humor and adventure, Straffi’s new Pinocchio draws us into his world of fun, discovery, and magic in a modern and hilarious key.

The great classic is reborn in our times with twenty-six episodes dedicated to children 4-7 made in the highest quality CGI animation and further 26 episodes under production, to deliver great thrills, action, comedy, and values, highlighting what makes Pinocchio a timeless fairy tale.

A brand rich in values such as friendship, sharing, and inclusion, it speaks to children in a lighthearted style and encourages them to follow their dreams with colorful stories full of gags, adventures, and twists set in today’s Tuscany.

The protagonists of the series are Pinocchio and Freeda, an inseparable duo always ready for adventure. Accompanied by the Talking Cricket, charged by the Fairy to keep an eye on them at all times, the little heroes live in Papa Geppetto’s Shop of Wonders, from which they set off on their adventures to discover incredible places and meet friends and enemies, both old and new, such as the Cat and Fox, Mangiafuoco, and many others!

The licensing rights of the brand are managed by Rainbow.




Founded in 1995 by the visionary genius of Iginio Straffi, the group's chairman and CEO, Rainbow is known worldwide for extraordinarily successful brands such as the Winx Club saga, famous for its con...
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