Angel’s Friends

It’s morning time in Angie Town, the City of Angels. Five young angels are preparing to fly to Earth where they will remain for a year to complete an internship and graduate as 100% Guardian Angels.

The Angels are aged between 8-12, belong to different ethnic groups, love hip-hop music, and are characterized by the color of their wings and their mascot friends – five super-cute winged animals.

The mission of the Angels on Earth is challenged by five unruly devils, who love dark colors and punk clothing. They are on Earth to conquer the missing 1% that will allow them to become 100% Devils.

Their mascots are five intriguing creatures, mischievous and sneaky, who will help them carry out their secretive plans agains the Angels.

At the heart of the dispute between Angels and Devils are five teenagers that the Angels are required to protect and guide, while the Devils do everything they can to corrupt them.

For more info:

tweens, 7-12 years old

TV Programming: 52 episodes 13 min’
Long-feature movie for TV coming in winter 2010!


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