Rachel Hale

There exists, in our very midst, a world so secret and softly hidden, few have ever seen it.

Locked away from ordinary eyes, it is revealed only to those who see from the heart. The key is knowing exactly where, and how, to look. Welcome to the very special world of Rachael Hale.
Launched in 1995, Rachael Hale® is truly a global success story. With a growing base of 120 licensees from across 60 countries, it has captured the imagination of customers around the world, earning sales of $300 million. The collections capture magical moments which are continually evolving, constantly providing fresh concepts to the market.

Timeless and universally loved, the brand continues to touch people’s lives and charm new generations.

From school bags… to stationery… to gifts, ‘the world of lovable animals’ adds a touch of magic. The broad appeal of the Rachael Hale brand spans across a huge range of products’ categories and provides exciting opportunities for licensees.

Target: 4+

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