Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana di Milano

Thanks to an exclusive agreement with De Agostini Editore, Planeta Junior continues its strategy of exploitation of the Italian cultural heritage, managing the licensing rights of the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana for Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Cyprus.

The huge wealth of the VBA includes more than 35,000 manuscripts, 12,000 parchments, 3,000 incunabula, 30,000 drawings and engravings, more than 950,000 printed volumes, besides numerous slurs and medieval archaeological and numismatic collections.

The Biblioteca Ambrosiana is one of the oldest and most comprehensive historical collections in the world. Located in the heart of Milan, on the foundations of the Roman Forum, contains manuscripts, codices, incunabula, books and drawings of inestimable value that allow studies of historical, literary and religious. Founded in 1607 thanks to the vision of Cardinal Federico Borromeo, enlightened patron and pioneer of the times that he wanted to make the city of Milan meeting of cultures in a historical period marked by strong divisions, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana was one of the first libraries in the world to be open to public reading (1609). Since its foundation, has continued to play the role that was assigned, not only preserve manuscripts and rare books, but also permits the use, fulfilling the dual function of preserving and promoting knowledge.

Part of the the VBA is also the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, opend by Federico Borromeo in 1618, which was to serve as a model for a future grant and Fine Arts Academy for the training and education of the aesthetic: the institution was born to ensure cultural education free to anyone with intellectual or artistic qualities.

Now has over 2000 works including paintings, sculptures and furniture, jewelry, natural and other objects of applied arts, in addition to more than 22,000 drawings and can boast universal masterpieces such as the Canestra di frutta by Caravaggio, l’Adorazione dei Magi by Tiziano, the Madonna del Padiglione from Botticelli, the precious board of the Scuola di Atene by Raffaello.

The flagship of the entire collection is undoubtedly the Musico, the only existing panel painting by Leonardo in Milan. Interesting, from the historical point of view, is the production of copies of famous paintings, promoted and documented for educational purposes, such as the copy of the L’Ultima Cena from Leonardo painted by Vespino, commissioned in 1609 by Cardinal Federico already to preserve the masterpiece from Leonardo da Vinci that was already in a fragile state of conservation.

This agreement will allow the creation of products of high quality profile and the strategic role given to the licensingwill help the visibility of the works, passing to the public the values of the masterpieces contained within the Library.


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Planeta Junior was born in 2002 as a joint venture between Grupo Planeta and De Agostini Group, both of Companies ranking amongst the most important players in the development and production of media ...
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