Winx Club

Winx Club is the cult property launched by Rainbow in 2004, a success that keeps renewing itself thanks to the vision of its creator Iginio Straffi.

19 years of growth for a success made of creativity and values, which have made Winx an ageless classic.

The unstoppable popularity of the Made in Italy fairies created by Rainbow knows no bounds and has been conquering the heart of children and young people around the world.

Winx Club is among the most watched TV shows by children and teens, proving the quality of an aspirational brand that addresses ever-present issues and interprets the dreams and needs of audiences, while embracing values such as diversity, inclusivity, and crossing all cultural boundaries. Friendship, courage, commitment, generosity, and positivity: this is the explosive and essential mix the magical heroines have been spreading since Winx Club first entered Italian households on January 28, 2004.

The Winx have grown along with their fans, reinventing themselves, keeping up with the trends and even anticipating them, while captivating generations of little boys and girls around the globe. Those little fans have meanwhile grown up and keep following the heroines of their childhood on the web and on social media.

Winx Club is distributed in around 150 countries, counting 8 TV animated series, 2 original animated series co-produced with Netflix, 3 animated feature films, countless live shows, and international musicals.

In 2021, the highly anticipated Netflix original live action series adapting the Winx Club saga established the Winx as a brand with immense potential, turning the fairies into “flesh and blood” to thrill larger audiences, this time of young adults, and adults, in two seasons for a total of thirteen episodes exclusively on Netflix.

The brand is as vibrant as ever, and Rainbow is about to launch a brand-new animated reboot series.

In licensing, Rainbow has led Winx Club to worldwide results that confirm the value of a brand in continuous evolution, developing in parallel licensing categories addressing different targets, from core kids to YA and adult. The branching out of the audience is the result of the constant growth of the brand and the establishment of a solid cross-generational fanbase that is contributing to Winx Club becoming a lifestyle brand of international renown. In this perspective, diversified style guides tailored to different targets have been developed.

The licensing rights of the brand are managed by Rainbow.








Founded in 1995 by the visionary genius of Iginio Straffi, the group's chairman and CEO, Rainbow is known worldwide for extraordinarily successful brands such as the Winx Club saga, famous for its con...
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