Zig & Sharko is a French animated series produced by Xilam, targeting children 6-11 years old

Set on a deserted volcanic island, the series narrates the clumsy attempts made by the funny hyena Zig to eat the charming mermaid Marina with the help of a crafty hermit crab who elaborates imaginative plans to capture it. But Zig’s stratagems are never successful because Sharko, a muscular shark in love with Marina, always manages to save the naive girl.

Built in slapstick style, the cartoon is fun with a surreal humor, developing absurd and hilarious situations, and doesn’t use dialogues, but visual gags and sounds that highlight the comic side of the characters.

Zig & Sharko series started in France in 2010 and thanks to the widespread success it has achieved worldwide coverage: it is broadcast in 190 countries and reaches over 600 million families. It currently has 234 7-minute episodes, divided into 3 seasons. In Italy it is scheduled on TV with daily slots from Monday to Friday on K2 and Dea Junior channels.


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