The series is produced by Cyber Group Studios e Scrawl Studios (Singapore).

Based on the great success of the books of Michel Gay at “l’ECole des Loisirs”, ZOU tells the world of the family, growth and relationships with friends and their family members.

Zou, a little five year old zebra, lives with his extended zebra family in a capacious zebra house sited in a zebra town. He’s now old enough to start becoming his own person. He’s grown past the age when a child relies solely on his parents. He is an imaginative and inquisitive foal, getting to the age when he’s keen to assert his independence a little more and seeking to stretch his boundaries, to spread the net of his experience outside his own back yard. Each day brings a new sense of discovery and exploration to Zou, who finds the world around him a source of constant interest. His eagerness to investigate every facet of this world together with his burgeoning imagination – and the help of his immediate family and friends – will lead Zou and the audience, through a series of fun-filled escapades, scrapes and experiences.

One year on since its premiere, ZOU has been sold in more than 140 territories and broadcasted in 24 different languages throughout the world by the end of 2013, reaching over 100 million kids simultaneously.

Cyber Group Studios has released in 2013 the first eBook offered in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian in the App Store and Android markets. It will be available in 15 languages by the end of the year. The release of the eBook coincides with the launch of social apps Facebook pages and a multi-language dedicated website for the brand. Leading up to the summer, other apps and games will be made available.

+ regarding the Italian market, Salani will launch 8 titles in 2013 based on book published in France by Larousse and Hemma.

Production on the second season of Zou, a 52×11-minute show about an endearing zebra, is about to begin.

The series is on air with great results.

Target: 1- 6 years

Format: 52 x 11 HD CGI


Planeta Junior Italia S.r.l.

Planeta Junior was born in 2002 as a joint venture between Grupo Planeta and De Agostini Group, both of Companies ranking amongst the most important players in the development and production of media ...
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