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A trans-media entertainment company, Atlantyca Entertainment maintains Production & Distribution, Publishing, Foreign Rights Sales, Live and Licensing divisions. The company manages the IP rights for the Geronimo Stilton brand and all of its franchises. 

Atlantyca is the producer of “Geronimo Stilton” the animated series featuring the adventures of the most famous mouse journalist: the episodes have been sold in more than 130 countries around the world while the latest and a new season has been already sold in 60 countries and premiered in more than 30.

The company has also completed its newest entertainment franchise with a new comedy adventure series entitled “Bat Pat” (52 x 11min.); “Bat Pat” is a spooky animated adventure-comedy that proves the supernatural isn’t always evil – just misunderstood.

The Licensing division manages the international Brand extension initiatives including consumer products and special marketing & promotions for all the “Geronimo Stilton” and “Bat Pat” brands and any of their character spin-offs.  In addition, Atlantyca Entertainment is the exclusive Italian Licensing Agent for the Junior Catalogue of ZDF Enterprises with successful series such as Scream Street, H20 Mermaids Adventures and Mako Mermaids.



Geronimo Stilton Animation – Geronimo Stilton Classic – Geronimo Stilton in the Kingdom of Fantasy – Geronimo Stilton The Prehistomice – Geronimo Stilton  fur and whiskers – Bat Pat – Melowy – Tea’s Sisters – Wolfblood – H2O  – Pennuti Skizzati – Scream Street

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Bat Pat

Bat Pat is a funny and yellow-belly Pat who lives with the Silver family in Fogville, a small town where supernatural creatures seem to be habitual. What brings these monsters to Fogville? The Silver ...

Berry Bees

Original Property: Atlantyca SpATarget Series TV: 7-10 M+F 52x12' Genere: Spy Action CoProduzione: Atlantyca SpA, SLR Productions (Australia), Telegael (Irlanda) e Cosmos Maya (India). ...

Franchise H2O Mermaids

H2O Mermaid Adventures is an animated series relating the daily lives of three normal teenagers, Emma, Cleo and Rikki – as well as their best friend Lewis – who are magically transformed into Merm ...

Geronimo Stilton Animation

The series, freely adapted from the classic book series, follows the adventures of Geronimo Stilton, famous editor in chief of the Geronimo Stilton Media Group. Geronimo is a quite mouse, rather fear ...

Geronimo Stilton Classic

Today the Geronimo Stilton (R)evolution has begun, new covers and new graphics more 'eye-catching. The Geronimo Stilton Classic property is entirely focused on the life and adventures of the well kno ...

Geronimo Stilton in “fur and whiskers”

Children perceive Geronimo Stilton to be a real person and together with him they share many wonderfully unique adventures and emotions. Geronimo Stilton’s presence in “fur and whiskers” create ...

Geronimo Stilton Kingdom of Fantasy

When he is not busy in his Rodent’s Gazette, the magazine he leads, or dragged into crazy adventures by his overwhelming family, all Geronimo Stilton would like to do is enjoying his deserved peace. ...

Geronimo Stilton Prehistomice

In the prehistoric village Stonopolis lives Geronimo Stiltonùt, a rodent with messy fur and air of wisdom, he directs the Stone Gazette, the newspaper engraved onto big stone slabs. A series with sa ...

Hello Maestro

Hello Maestro, with its 7 seasons, is considered the pioneer for the ”edutainment”. The series, created by Albert Barillé and produced by the French animated studio Procidis, has been broadcaste ...


Five friends riding on the wings of a dream. Hidden somewhere beyond the highest clouds is the castle of Destino, a school for very special students. They’re the Melowies, little unicorns born with ...

Tea's Sisters

5 Inseparable friends live extraordinary adventures all over the world looking for incredible treasures. Everything started when Tea Stilton, Geronimo Stilton charming sister and famous reporter, was ...
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