Brands for Business

Brands for Business (B4B) is a Licensing Agent that offers clients consultant, marketing and merchandising services.

Our main goal is to acquire and to correctly develop brands in the licensing industry.

Our mission is – as licensing agent – to act as a partner  for all those companies interested in developping a licensing project in the Italian market.

Licence: Discovery Animal Planet  |  Discovery Explore Your World  |  Discovery Expedition  |  Discovery Home Video Library for Branded Collections  |  Real Time  |  Top Gear  |  Teletubbies  |  Trullaleri

Info aziendali

IndirizzoVia Newton 18/a
Telefono +39 02 45497790



Animal Planet

The channel where animals play a major role. Animal Planet the international television network owned by Discovery Networks Europe, broadcasts to the youngers all programs dedicated to the life of an ...

Discovery Expedition

Since 1985, Discovery Channel has explored the wonders of our world, in all their shapes. Inspired to real adventures, Discovery Expedition is an innovative collection of lifestyle products designed ...

Discovery Explore Your World

Discovery Communication has developped a Brand dedicated to kids, thanks to the success of Discovery Channel and mantaining a different product offer and Brand respect those for adults. "Let's inspir ...

Discovery Home Video Library for Branded Collections

Discovery Video allows you to bring the whole planet and its wonders directly on tv screens in high definition, whenever you need inspiration. All spectacular movies that have made Discovery the #1 c ...


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