LIMA Mind Mix Milan, March 30th – 31st

LIMA Mind Mix is a two-day executive forum, organized by LIMA, featuring high-level, interactive dialogue  between leading global licensing professionals.
In 2016 the inaugural event was held in Berlin and this year Mind Mix will take place in Milan on March 30th and  31st at the PwC headquarter.

 Licensing Italia, LIMA Representative in Italy, has interviewed the LIMA President Mr. Charles Riotto on the  upcoming Mind Mix.

 L.I. LIMA organised MIND MIX in Europe for the first last year in Berlin and it turned out to be a success:  can you please explain what MIND MIX is and how it works?

C.R. Mind Mix is a two-day executive forum featuring high-level, interactive dialogue between global  licensing professionals. The idea is to get industry leaders to collaborate on issues and solutions that will impact  their businesses, so we are organizing moderated discussion groups throughout the two days that focus on a wide  range of important subjects.  We will also have two keynotes that highlight the event – one focused on the retail  environment and the other, led by PwC, will provide a look at the “World Business Climate and Forecast“.

 L.I. What’s the main goal LIMA wants to reach through this kind of events? 

C.R. Although there are many chances to network and meet with your licensing colleagues throughout the year at  various events and tradeshows, there aren’t always opportunities to really engage with other executives in the  industry in a tranquil, non-selling environment.  When the leaders of our industry do come together, it truly  becomes an exchange of ideas, discussions about business challenges and areas of opportunity, and how we can all work together to advance licensing to the benefit of all.  So many “big ideas” in business start as simple conversations, so LIMA wanted to provide a platform to our industry to incubate this kind of thinking.

L.I. Is Mind Mix dedicated only to LIMA members ?

C.R. Mind Mix is open to both LIMA members and non-members who feel that they could benefit from top-level discussion and collaboration.

L.I. Why did LIMA decide to organize the 2017 MIND MIX edition in Italy?

C.R. Italy is a growing licensing market and a world capital;  Milan is a global leader in fashion licensing and is also easily accessible for participants from all over the world.  For non-business hours, Milan offers a deep and rich cultural and historical experience with a multitude of interesting places to visit.

L.I. Is the partnership with PwC Italy important to LIMA?

C.R. We are very pleased to be working with PwC as sponsor of this event due to their vast wealth of research data and global economic insights.  We feel Mind Mix will offer a perfect balance of licensing discussions and valuable market information.

L.I. What will be the main topics LIMA will be discussing at Mind Mix in Milan?

C.R. Mind Mix will focus on a variety of significant, timely topics that will affect near and long term business strategies.  Some of the overarching themes include retail, eCommerce/digital, and the global business climate, with a focus on major international markets.  Also, since Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world, it is a perfect opportunity to take a closer look at fashion licensing – what’s happening right now and what is on the horizon.

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