Maurizio Distefano Licensing, ISA agent for Italy, concludes the deal with the homeware specialised company Hermet

Maurizio Distefano Licensing, licensing agent for International Space Archives (ISA), concluded the agreement with homeware company with extensive expertise in licensing collaborations Hermet to develop a Bedding and Homeware line

Hermet will create a Bedding collection consisting of bedding sets and quilts and a Homeware collection including bathroom and kitchen textiles, living room rugs and cushions, tableware and beach towels, which will be customized with the most beautiful images of space exploration missions and the famous symbol of the American space program. The collection will be distributed in mass-market and in all specialty stores for home furnishings, and will also be available online.

Over the past fifty years, manned and unmanned space programmes in the United States and other countries have amassed a huge amount of still and motion photography which is unique in its scope and splendor. For the first time ever, the International Space Archives is bringing together the best of this still and video imagery into one comprehensive collection which is available for licensing worldwide through LMI Ltd, and in Italy through MDL.

The Mission Patches, photos, films and video contained in the archive come from a variety of sources including, indeed, the American space program and the international space programs of Russia, Japan, China, India and the European Union.

Maurizio Distefano, president of MDL, says, “We are thrilled that the International Space Archives (ISA) images archive has been an inspiration to a company like Hermet, whose creativity Iā€™m sure will deliver an impactful and eye-catching collection dedicated to space exploration.”


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