MDL launches Angry Birds Hatchlings “Hatchies” collectibles

De Agostini Editore offers collectible Hatchlings figurines in kiosks throughout Italy

Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MD Licensing), which manages licensing for the Angry Birds brand and its popular spin-off brand The Hatchlings in Italy and Switzerland, has announced that it has agreed a new Hatchlings license on behalf of brand owner Rovio Entertainment Corporation.

Leading Italian publisher De Agostini Editore is marketing a series of Angry Birds Hatchlings ‘Hatchies’ – colourful collectible figurines sold in flowpacks attached to the kids’ publication & Co Magazine – in all kiosks across Italy. The collectibles have been available since the end of October.

Hatchies are based on the Hatchlings, the hilarious baby birds who rose to success with The Angry Birds Movie. Hatchies bring together the soft and bouncy Hatchlings characters with coloured casings that open up. The casings are interchangeable, so children can switch the characters round to invent new combinations. There are 12 different Hatchlings available to collect. 

The Hatchlings were chosen by De Agostini because of their enormous popularity with children. De Agostini is supporting the Hatchies with an advertising campaign, TV spots and a dedicated site, where kiosks can register to take part in a contest linked to the initiative.

The first Angry Birds Movie in 2016, produced by Rovio Entertainment and distributed in Italy by Sony Pictures, was released in Italian cinemas on June 15, 2016 and grossed $352 million at the global box office. The movie sequel, produced and distributed by Sony Columbia Pictures, is in production and is set to be released in 2019.

The success of the Angry Birds mobile game series, one of the most popular the world has ever seen, and the Angry Birds Movie has driven strong licensee engagement with the Angry Birds brand in Italy.

Maurizio Distefano, President, MDL, said: “Hatchlings has a massive following among children. We’re delighted that De Agostini Editore is launching this wonderful and catchy product in kiosks. I’m sure Angry Birds fans all over Italy will love it.”


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