The Miraculous Ladybug phenomenon is expanding in Spain where this spectacular TV hit has also broken out of the small screen with all Bandai toys sold out during the Christmas season and a powerful licensing program covering all categories by Planeta Junior, a leading European children’s and youth entertainment company.

Children who love the series can now play with the dolls, soft toys and role play products by Bandai, the worldwide master toy license holder for this property. The fun continues with puzzles and board games by Educa BorrƔs, costumes by Viving Costumes, balloons by Flexmetal and bikes and helmets by Toim S.L.
Thanks to the agreement signed with Editorial Planeta in Spain and 2020 Editora in Portugal, children will also be able to follow their favourite heroine’s adventures in books about the series and activity books. Panini has launched the stickers collection, a Stick & Stack book and the official series magazine while United Label Iberica and CYP Brands will develop the gift category.

Other licensees who have placed their trust in Miraculous Ladybug include Cife in the Art & Crafts sector, Hot Shots and Dekora in the food sector, Karactermania, which will develop backpacks and bags and Stor for household goods. In personal care, Airval will create the perfume range and Nice Group the line of toy cosmetics.Ā  In Spain Safta will take care of Back to School, while this category will be handled by K Stationary in Portugal and fashion highlights include ArtesanĆ­a CerdĆ” for textiles and hair accessories, Ditexmex, for the clothing line, Madness, pyjamas and Estamparia Adalberto household textiles.
Miraculous Ladybug was launched on the Disney Channel Spain and Portugal in February 2016, and has constantly achieved ratings above the channel average, doubling them on some occasions. The series has also been broadcast on TelevisiĆ³ de Catalunya since September 2016.

Miraculous Ladybug is based on the animated adventure comedy of the same name co-produced by ZAG, Method Animation, Toei Animation and SAMG. The series tells of the adventures of Marinette, an apparently normal teenage girl who leads a hectic double life: when she’s not in the clouds dreaming of her beloved Adrien, she turns into a superheroine – Ladybug. The main values of the series include girl empowerment, a secret identity, magical transformation, love, friendship, creativity and fashion.

About ZAGā„¢

ZAG, a privately held firm founded by Jeremy Zag, specializes in the creation and global distribution of kids and family entertainment franchises such as Miraculousā„¢ – Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. ZAGā€™s multiple focus on the production of high-quality CGI animated and hybrid (live action and animation) feature films, TV series and games with a 360 approach including digital content and music. Zagā€™s animated TV division, Zagtoon, was created in 2009, and has produced over 200 half-hours of original content which air on major broadcast channels worldwide. Other divisions include its Feature Film division, ZAG Animation Studios (Joint-venture created in 2014 with Michael Barnathan and Chris Columbus), ZAG Digital and ZAG Records.
About Planeta Junior:
Planeta Junior, a company within the Grupo Planeta / De Agostini group, is one of Europeā€™s leading companies providing entertainment for pre-school, children and family audiences. It focuses on producing and distributing animated series and the rights derived from these IPā€™s. The company has offices in Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe. In January 2016, Planeta Junior joined forces with German company m4e in an alliance focussed on co-production, distribution and consumer products, to strengthen business in Northern and Central Europe. Since February 2014, the company has also managed TV rights, licensing & merchandising and promotions for DreamWorks Animation. Planeta Junior continues to invest in its own productions, this year featuring series like Mutant Busters, Bubble Bip, Oliver Rock, Heidi, Egyxos and Sendokai Champions among others.
Find out more at www.planeta-junior.com

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