Moleskine and Bric’s present their co-branded capsule collection of items for travel and urban mobility

Moleskine, the company who designs tools to develop creativity and express personal identity, and Bric’s, a historic Italian company and leader in the luggage and accessories sector, present a capsule collection of items that combine the cultural values of Moleskine with the excellent craftsmanship of Bric’s travel products.

The two companies share the same values and the same desire to provide effective solutions for the mobility needs of a clientele of young creative professionals, contemporary nomads and connected world citizens. This partnership combines the respective strengths of the two companies. Moleskine contributes the values of culture, creativity and personal identity and Bric’s provides its expertise in creating elegant, practical, reliable and innovative collections. The Moleskine by Bric’s collection will be presented in spring 2016 and distributed by Bric’s through its stores and distribution network and by Moleskine through its direct channels.

“This partnership with Bric’s represents another important step in the gradual process of extending our brand to include categories of products where Moleskine’s dedication to travel and mobility can be expressed in relevant new products geared to our customers,” comments Arrigo Berni, CEO of Moleskine S.p.A. “Since the beginning the theme of travel, with its accompanying cultural imagery, has been part of the DNA of the Moleskine brand. Serving as a platform for creativity and free personal expression, Moleskine products represent the ideal companion for that segment of the public –international and growing – which is increasingly recognizing the importance of the expressive and evocative value of personal taste as applied also in the choice of travel items”, he adds.

“We are proud, therefore, to be partnering with such a fine example of Italian luggage manufacturing excellence as Bric’s,” concludes Arrigo Berni. “Moleskine by Bric’s is much more than a new collection of items. It is the expression of a complementarity of skills”, emphasises Attilio Briccola, CEO of Bric’s. “In its 64 years of history Bric’s has acquired a wealth of manufacturing expertise, and in this co-branding venture we have developed a technical and functional concept that integrates with the style and behaviour needs of Moleskine consumers. By sharing distribution channels, Bric’s and Moleskine will be able to work together to expand their presence in international markets through a solid and carefully chosen platform

Agreement with assistance of Crazy Bell and Licensing Italia.

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