Mondo TV Iberoamerica Group secures global agency agreement with company Azteka Films

Mondo TV Iberoamerica, part of the Italian group Mondo TV, one of the largest European producers and distributors of animated content, has announced a major agency agreement with producers Azteka Films SRL.

Azteka Films is an Argentinian company. Its directors are CEO and Chairman Daniel Stigliano, a renowned film and television producer, and award-winning television and film actress Maite Zumelzú. Azteka Films has recently added the highly regarded television executive Martín Cappelletti to its team as an international producer.

The agency agreement has been signed with the aim of developing key fiction projects. Mondo TV Iberoamerica will act as agent for the negotiation and conclusion of commercial agreements with third parties in order to obtain production financing and to find international distribution for projects.

Under the terms of the agreement Mondo TV Iberoamerica has been granted the exploitation of distribution rights in all territories except Argentina.

Maria Bonaria Fois, General Manager at Mondo TV Iberoamerica, said: “We are proud to have reached this agreement with a partner as important as Azteka Films. This strategic partnership represents a big growth opportunity for us; we look forward to achieving really positive results for key projects in the short-to-medium term.”

Daniel Stigliano, CEO and Chairman at Azteka Films,said: “We have great synergy among both teams and I’m thrilled to see our titles offered through markets abroad. Azteka Films has a great portfolio of original series waiting for co-producers. Mondo TV Iberoamerica is here to find them.”

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