New Acamar Films initiative “Staying at home together… it’s a Bing thing” comes to Italy

The popular pre-school property has Maurizio Distefano Licensing as its licensing agent

“Staying at home together… it’s a Bing thing” is a multi-territory initiative that launched on 6 April across Bing digital platforms with the aim to support families with young children who are currently staying at home.

Led by memorable moments from across all 78 episodes, Bing social channels are encouraging Bing fans to share their experiences of the joyful and messy realities of preschool life at home – creating highly relatable conversation amongst Bing’s ever-growing audience.

In Italy, the Bing Facebook page highlights a new Bing activity sheet every day – providing families with ideas to get busy and creative together during the stay-at-home period.

The brand new Italian version of the launched at the beginning April so now the ever-growing Italian fan base can enjoy a huge selection of free downloadable activity sheets including making fruit cones with Bing and fruit smoothies with Flop, to colouring sheets of much-loved characters.

Interactive Facebook parties (“Team Bing Play Times”) have also been initiated across Bing’s English, Italian, Polish and Spanish Facebook pages – and will extend to the Dutch Facebook page next month. On designated days, Team Bing will be sharing videos – based on episodic games from the series – encouraging Bingsters and their grown-ups to join the fun with games like Musical Statues and Hide & Seek.

Those taking part will be encouraged to share their photos and videos, and to download a certificate once the games are over.

The popular Bing app, ‘Bing: Watch, Play, Learn’, soon available in Italy, is also playing a role in the ‘Staying at Home Together’ initiative – offering UK users an increased number of interactive learning games for free, for a limited time.

Bing continues to be available via CBeebies in the UK and many other key broadcasters across Europe. In Italy, Bing airs daily on Rai Yoyo and DeA Junior and consistently has the highest audience viewing average across both channels.  Bing’s stories can also be enjoyed through Amazon Prime and on YouTube where the Italian channel has seen significant growth recently reaching 500,000 subscribers and experiencing 36.2 million views in March alone.

As this initiative continues into May, partners like Leolandia, Jet’s and Rai Yoyo are coming on board to show their support by posting the activities on their pages for their many Bing fans to enjoy.

Staying at home together… it’s a Bing thing.

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