New fans, new platforms, new licensees for Masha and the Bear

Food and accessories join over 60 Italian contracts signed — with many more to come

Maurizio Distefano Licensing has announced three new license awards for the preschool animation hit Masha and the Bear in the Italian food and accessories markets, adding to the 60 contracts signed in the last year for Italy’s fastest-growing children’s property.

High-quality eyewear company Swiss Eyewear Group will develop a line of Masha and the Bear sunglasses for children from 3-8 years. The Masha and the Bear-themed glasses, made in different styles and colours, will feature 100% polarized lenses, anti-shock frames and modern design, ensuring maximum protection from glare.

Italy’s leading mineral water company, Acqua Sant’Anna, will produce and market Masha and the Bear fruit juices, iced decaffeinated tea and still and sparkling mineral water in various sizes, starting from the easy-to-carry 25 cl bottle, up to 33cl and 50cl bottles.

PreGel, a leading Italian manufacturer of high-quality gelato, yoghurt, dessert and pastry products, will offer Italian ice cream stores the opportunity to serve various flavours inspired by the hit show and its two lovable lead characters — from hazelnut to chocolate — as well as pink sweets and a series of themed decorations for ice-cream topping.

With a target audience of children aged 3-9, Masha and the Bear has enjoyed strong TV ratings in Italy as well as on-demand streaming on YouTube, Chili and Infinity, and a very popular Facebook page. A new spin-off series, Masha Tales, a film and a live tour have also been popular and kept brand awareness high, further boosting a very successful licensing campaign managed in Italy by Maurizio Distefano Licensing. Masha and the Bear is already one of the top licensed properties on the Italian market. Recent licenses include beachware, bicycles, bicycle accessories, confectionery, markers, colouring sets, umbrellas, bed linen, clocks and watches.

Maurizio Distefano, President and Founder MDL, says: “The diversity of licensing support for this delightful property has underlined its staggering popularity. To gain 60 high-quality licenses in such a short time is a tribute to the brand’s enormous reach and strength — and I’m sure there are many more licenses to come.”

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