Precious Creative Co. announces the launch of Planettoon®’s World this June at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

A colorful world made up of an “army” of little soldiers we call PLANETTOONIES™.

What would you give for your child’s happiness? If your answer is the universe, you can put yourself in the shoes of one loving parent desperate to communicate their love to their child. Imagine the hope that a simple three-word sentence can bring to your life, when for the first time ever, you hear your four-year-old’s voice, and he says: “DRAW A CIRCLE.”

The limitless power of a mother’s love is a world by itself. Little did she know, that circle she drew would roll out far. Out of a simple wish, Planettoon® was born. Abridging the distance that years of silence left so effortlessly, Planettoon® was destined to embark on an adventure that would unwind, last, and grow.

On the growth path, very soon Planettoon®’s companions came along: Isabella, Mr. Sun, Dioxicarb, Gabo, Mother Nature, Arimoon, and a whole palette of fascinating characters that make up PLANETTOON®’S WORLD.

After growing and evolving for years, PLANETTOON®’S WORLD arrives spreading a clear idea that the brand splendidly conveys: CARING IS POWERFUL! ™. The Planettoonies™ come with the priceless lesson they passionately want to teach: TO CARE! Care for yourself, care for each other, and care for our flora and fauna.

Planettoon®’s World delivers on the promise TO CARE with cartoon series, toys, games, and hand puppets demonstrating how to care for one another, a skincare and vitamin line for children so they can learn how to take care of themselves, and a Plant-for-the-future Kit aka Plant-a-Kit™ that will turn learning how to care into productive actions. 

Its inauguration will unveil to you a story conceived as one parent’s labor of unconditional love and a gift to their child. A world that comes intertwined with adventures, essential lessons of friendship, teamwork, dedication, and commitment.

Precious Creative Co., directed by Virginia Landi, is preparing to globally launch the portfolio during the Licensing Expo 2019 in Las Vegas from June 4th thru the 6th, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Its goal is to effectively connect the brand with leading representatives in the entertainment, character, art, toy, and retail industries, to name a few. 

“Planettoon®’s World is unlike any comparable product in the market today. There is a captivation within its purposefulness, defined by a distinct motive, seamlessly accomplishing paramount brand pillars: Entertainment, Education, and Ecological Guidance;  ll in one!” said Ms. Landi, Creative Director of Precious Creative Co. “We are ecstatic to finally be able to share the joy that Planettoon®’s World exudes, with its enchantment it is destined to enrich the lives of children across the globe,” she added.

The presentation of the brand is conceptualized exemplifying the passionate and methodical work put in the development by the artists, designers, and film makers; consolidating assessments and business strategy formed during visits to the Toy Association’s International Conference of Play Professionals 2018 (PlayCon), the Licensing Expo Las Vegas 2018, Brand Licensing Europe 2018, and the renowned fair Spielwarenmesse 2019, rounding up a journey that took off in 2008, and will land in the Licensing Expo in 2019.

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