PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design unveils new collaboration with Ferribiella

Blusicilia collection of pet accessories celebrates summer, sea, sky and Sicily

Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MDL), which manages the licensing programme for the fashion brand PREMOLI + DI BELLA, has announced the launch of Blusicilia, the latest PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design collection from the dynamic and creative partnership of Giovanni Premoli and Dario Di Bella. It is produced and distributed under licensing agreement by Ferribiella Spa, a name synonymous with Italian excellence in the world of pet comfort.

Available through a selected distribution network of about 2,000 points of sale in Italy’s finest pet shops, the Blusicilia collection from PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design uses a design style and colours that celebrate the beauty and joy of summer in Sicily – in fact Blusicilia combines the Italian words for blue and Sicily.

The pillows, water and food bowls, placemat trays, beach towels, beach bags and leash accessories that make up this collection of products are not only high-quality and functional but stylish and evocative, bringing to even the most domestic space a summery Sicilian feel that lasts all year long.

The Blusicilia summer theme is designed to stimulate feelings – in both the owner and the pet – of peace and relaxation, with a little help from careful fabric selection and chromotherapy – the use of colours to aid health and harmony – both of which make full use of many years of research by Ferribiella Spa.

The 100% fresh cotton-canvas pillow has a completely removable and washable lining including a non-slip nylon base, and an innovative cooling mat called Brividino, that reacts to the animal’s body pressure, soothing and refreshing the pet. Inspired by the summer afternoon siesta, it’s perfect for hot summer days.

The water and food bowls use minimal design where the shades of the colour – a key point of this collection – go from deep blue to crystalline blue with a gradient effect, a reference to the shades of the sea reminiscent of the view from a Sicilian island.

Placemat trays of soft silicone are enriched by the symbol of Hephaestus: the Greek god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture – and the iconic emblem of the PREMOLI + DI BELLA brand.

Then there’s the soft and absorbent microfibre beach towel, and the super stylish beach bag, breathable and made of fresh canvas cotton with eco-friendly leather details and decorations. This bag also includes a security leash, metal support legs and a reinforced pillow to give every pet more comfort during transportation.

The collection is rounded off with an exceptional set of leash accessories: collar, leash, harness and bag holder in cotton canvas combined with eco-leather and a marine-inspired t-shirt in clutch packaging with a personal anchor print, a useful accessory in which to hold small items for the care of a pet.

The Blusicilia design was inspired by the things that make Sicily so memorable: the rich Baroque architecture, the opulent decor, the colours of the table, the warm light of the sun on the cobblestones, the smell of citrus fruits, the joy of the people in the festivals – and of course the sea on the horizon in all its intensity and its thousand shades of blue. “Sea waves are sovereign on the island and this is how we wanted to represent them,” say Giovanni Premoli and Dario Di Bella.

Maurizio Distefano, President, MDL, says: “These are distinctive products, reflecting an eclectic and personal style, but inclusive and accessible in line with the philosophy of the PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design brand. With a truly inspired design and colour scheme that evokes the travel and sunshine that so many of us are now looking forward to, this collection will delight both pet owners and pets.”

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