PREMOLI + DI BELLA: the Pet Collection in store

Fashion, Art, Tradition and Innovation, these are the key words that best summarize the collection PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design, produced and distributed under licensing agreement by Ferribiella Spa, a signature of Italian excellence in the world of Pet comfort

PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design is a line dedicated to the four-legged friends that opens new scenarios in the Pet world, where the dialogue animal-man and fashion-interior design have been placed at the center of the entire creative process by the creative duo Giovanni Premoli and Dario Di Bella, defined as the Designers of the Third Millennium, Artists of Lifestyle.

PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design is already available in the best Pet stores from November 2020 with several other seasonal releases to come, each one presenting a new particular theme created by the Duo, immersing and involving animals with innovative and functional products, result of years of studies, researches and know-how by Ferribiella Spa.

The specific characteristics that animals will surely appreciate, leave room to a careful interaction with their owner giving them the chance to establish a synergic relationship in a particular journey that touches the world of interior and home décor. PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design will allow, in fact, all fans of home décor and home interior to use the items of the Pet collection as true design objects that fit perfectly with the rest of the furniture becoming a part of it, in a perfect dialogue with the Lifestyle of the collections by PREMOLI + DI BELLA.

PREMOLI + DI BELLA Pet Design launched its first collection with the theme “Iconic”, symbol and expression of the brand itself, where accents of pure modernism in an avantgarde key communicate in Street Style, demonstrating the bold creativity of the Giovanni Premoli and Dario Di Bella duo. It’s composed by the most soft and enveloping velvet beds design for dogs and cats, soft velvet blankets for home-pet use, raincoat ponchos, gym-flavored suits and, for an impeccable mise en place, ceramic bowls with matching placemats. An urban snowfall inspired the creation of the Snowfall print, where the free-fall black and white polka dots harmonize perfectly with the creative trimmings. The black and white fashion stripes, updated and made extremely contemporary, find their place in the iconic Millediquesterighe print. A particular role was given in the collection to Polyphemus 5.0, the mechanical eye witness of the 5.0 era in a perfect integration between man and robot, developed through a street art graphic. From the Greek mythology comes Hephaestus, which aims at an unparalleled perfection made of geometric lines and Greek decoration, an iconic symbol of the brand PREMOLI + DI BELLA that make it recognizable and impeccable for every need.

The colors are all played on black and white tones, with only some rare exceptions with touches of Lake Blue and Veiled Rose. The expert use of the different textures such as velvet, together with innovative and environmentally sustainable materials such as silicone, passing through valuable processes that include craftmanship, such as the slow cooking process of 3 fires of ceramic, give the possibility to explore this collection through a different eye in which the words Art, Tradition and Innovation are at the core of the story of our heritage.

The innovative and distinctive storytelling of the brand PREMOLI + DI BELLA present products in continuous evolution, allowing the consumer to appreciate not only the careful search for details, the choice and quality of the material and the cure for the packaging, but also the constant enhancement of the Italians traditional techniques and the use of Art in all its forms, making these products original and creating an eclectic and personal style, in perfect balance between inclusivity and accessibility, cornerstones on which the entire philosophy of the brand revolves. The decomposed use of the brand PREMOLI + DI BELLA is a fundamental part of the graphics and is included in a visionary and artistic way, never too present, giving the product a cosmopolitan style with a strong craftmanship.

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