Pucca Conquers the Fashion Industry

Pull & Bear is the latest fashion retailer joining this iconic character

Pucca, the iconic character who starred in 170 countries and came back thanks to Planeta Junior, the leading European children’s and family entertainment company, continues her fashion success. Pull&Bear, the Inditex brand for spirited young people with a fresh, fun style, who respect current international trends and like urban influences, is the latest major fashion brand to join the Pucca universe, with the global launch of a T-shirt featuring her image.

The new T-shirt is now available worldwide in all Pull&Bear stores and its online store. This has been achieved through a deal between Planeta Junior, Padma (the manufacturer) and with the support of Pull&Bear, which joins other designers and enters the Pucca universe.

Pucca’s bravery, daring, fun, maturity, zero prejudice and great message of love based on the idea of ‘being yourself’ is not only winning the hearts of millennials and young adults, but also the fashion industry itself. Spanish designer MarĂ­a EscotĂ© has already launched the PUCCAxMARIAESCOTÉ, capsule and Italian fashion brand White created the True Love capsule.

Pucca and her South Korean universe are also one of the reasons for the increasing interest in Korean culture driven by the success of K-Pop.

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