Rainbow ready to light up Las Vegas with hot new brands

Rainbow takes part to the Vegas Licensing Expo by showcasing three of the hottest prospects in world licensing – Regal Academy, Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends and World of Winx – at stand U242.

Regal Academy is the new animated comedy that combines the worlds of school and fairy tales, with utterly hilarious results! The action focuses on young Rose Cinderella, who one day finds out that not only is Cinderella her granny, but she’s been enrolled at the Regal Acadmey – a school run by fairy tale characters to pass on wisdom to the next generation. Her new classmates include Hawk SnowWhite, Travis Beast, Astoria Rapunzel and Joy LeFrog – all part of famous fairy tale dynasties –and together they enjoy a series of funny and exciting adventures.

Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends is Rainbow’s first live-action production. An engaing and enthralling mixture of comedy and drama, the show has three key themes – music, fashion and the power of friendship – at its heart. The story follows Maggie – a young American girl who dreams of being a fashion designer. Her dreams come true when she wins a two-year scholarship to the prestigious Milan Fashion Academy. There she meets Bianca – a self-proclaimed Italian ‘princess’ – and together they discover secrets that will change their lives forever.

Partners are eager to take advantage of these new shows’ potential, with a master toy deal signed with Simba for Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends, whilst Giochi Preziosi has signed  pan-European master toy deal for Regal Academy and will produce fashion dolls and accessories, play sets and roleplay.

Also at the Rainbow stand will be World of Winx, the latest spin-off from one of the biggest girls’ properties in the world – Winx Club. This brand new show sees the Winx fairies visiting Earth as scouts for talent show WOW! As they search for talented kids they come across the Talent Thief – a mysterious villain who is capturing gifted children! The Winx go undercover and hide their fairy identities to outfox the Talent Thief and protect the children of Earth.

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