Market Researches

Market research is an essential tool to succeed in the field of licensing. It is possible through specific survey to locate the license most appropriate to achieve the objectives and the target.

Licensing Italia has matured over the years a significant experience in the field of research aimed at the area of licensing, both quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative Research. Licensing Italia has been carrying out since 2007 a permanent monitoring of the world of characters. It allows the analysis throughout time of over 300 characters according to reputation, the intention of buying and the adaptability to different product categories.

Qualitative Research. Licensing Italia carries out on behalf of its clients numerous qualitative researches and focus groups, conducted by professionals using with selected methodologies, in order to provide a deeper knowledge of specific aspects of licensing projects.

For all research activities, Licensing Italia relies on the expertise and experience of Infovalue.

Licensing Italia has introduced into Italy a system of market research specifically aimed at companies operating in the licensing market that require cognitive tools to support their decisions on the acquisition of licenses.

Market research is one of the tools Licensing Italia uses, together with its expertise and wealth of information in the area of licensing, to offer a comprehensive consultation and thereby increase the potentialities of success and of economical return of the licensing investments of its customers.

Licensing Market Overview
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Licensing Observatory

Integrated system of information on the world of Character

The core of the market research conducted by Italian Licensing is Licensing Observatory, an integrated system of qualitative and quantitative information on the Characters market. Companies using licensing as a marketing tool with this system may have:

  • a quantity updated positioning of the 30/40 Character most relevant of the moment as a function of 11 target of interest (M / F 6-9 ¬† ¬† ¬†years, M / F 10-13 years, M / F 14-17, M / F 18- 24, M / F 24-49 years, mothers with children between 3 and 5 years);
  • a detailed DESK analysis conducted with strict criteria benchmark on key 15/20 properties of the next 6/12 months;
  • a qualitative study of 5/6 Characters interesting for the company dedicated to determine their potential and adaptability.

Using this approach, market informations are completed in accordance with the needs of companies and are integrated with qualitative analysis (conducted according to the latest techniques of interaction with the Target) and quantitative evidences (consolidated over 10 years of observations).

In collaboration with CHANGE – CSA and INFOVALUE


Qualitative research

Licensing Italy habitually carries out qualitative analysis, by applying research approaches that fit the classical approach of the Focus Group to Target specificity.

The analysis are oriented to examine specific aspects related to licensing, to support decision-making processes of companies in the field of licensing, to integrate the results of the quantitative information.

In collaboration with INFOVALUE


Of particular¬†interest in the¬†field of¬†licensing¬†is the research Euro Toys¬ģ, conducted¬†at European level on¬†the toy¬†industry.¬† EuroToys¬ģ¬†is the leading¬†source to get¬†information¬†both on retail¬†based¬†and¬†consumer¬†online.

Provides companies operating in the field of Traditional Toys and Licensing, sales and marketing information necessary to take tactical and strategic decisions.

The methodologies and definitions are comparable across Europe; the market structure is standardized to the U.S. to develop trend analysis through a global world.

EuroToys¬ģ¬†develops¬†reports¬†on¬†unit sales, by value,¬†with its¬†market share,¬†pricing and distribution,¬†demographic analysis¬†of consumers,¬†buying opportunities¬†and more.

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