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Canta Tu


The Canta Tu license is now available! An audio-video system equipped with a wireless microphone that allows those who love to sing their hearts out with whoever and wherever they want to. The Canta Tu is a brand that can now be called iconic, in fact, it has managed to win over both the adult […]

Idefix and the Indomitables


Idefix and the Indomitables is a 3D animated series created by Editions Albert René and produced by its branch, Studio 58. It tells the story of the brave Idefix 2 years before he meeyts his companions Asterix and Obelix. Its year 52 BC, all of Lutetia has been occupied by the Romans… All of it? […]

Il Milanese Imbruttito


The successful Milanese brand, Il Milanese Imbruttito, was born from a clear, simple and precise idea: use social media to be ironical about Milanese customs, language and habits of the Milanese. Il Milanese Imbruttito was born from the united work of Tommaso Pozza, Federico Marisio and Marco De Crescenzio who decided they wanted to share […]



The Moomins are a carefree and adventurous family who live in their house in the peaceful Moominvalley. They are central characters in the works of celebrated and beloved Finnish author and artist Tove Jansson who created the magical and fascinated stories and designed location and characters from scratch. Moomin is a values-led brand, with three […]



Licensing of the famous ready-to-freeze popsicles…and more! Success has turned Polaretti into an iconic brand with a very strong evocative value, making it become a word in common use, so ingrained in our language that it has become part of everyday life. Polaretti has already started a brand extension program to give many new products […]

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