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Planeta Junior acquired a stake in ZAG Entertainment: interview to Ignacio Segura


Licensing Italia interviewed Ignacio Segura, CEO of Planeta Junior by Giulia Rastelli  L.I. You recently acquired a stake in ZAG Entertainment – the culmination of your excellent and longstanding relationship. How did this partnership come about? Ignacio Segura: Our relationship with ZAG began at the 2016 Licensing Show in Las Vegas. As soon as we […]

Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous narrates the adventures of Marinette, a teenager who seems normal but leads a double life: when she is not dreaming of her beloved Adrien, she transforms into the superhero “Ladybug” to save Paris. This TV production is a global phenomenon with more than 29 awards around the world, millions of retail sales, and products […]

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