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Mutant Busters achieves strong international launch

Crazy animated comedy MUTANT BUSTERS, co-produced by Planeta Junior, a leading European children’s and youth entertainment company, toymaker Famosa, and Kotoc, in collaboration with Neox Kidz, has achieved a strong international launch thanks to an international distribution agreement with Netflix, in addition to TV broadcast and toy distribution deals in France, Italy and Israel. Thanks […]

Mutant Busters launches on Neox Kidz on 31st October

Neox Kidz will launch MUTANT BUSTERS, a crazy animated comedy co-produced by Planeta Junior a leading European children’s and youth entertainment company, toy manufacturer Famosa and animation studio Kotoc who create and produce transmedia entertainment, in collaboration with Neox Kidz on Saturday 31st October. Starting next Saturday, Neox Kidz will broadcast the 52 episodes of […]

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