The Baileys product range continues to expand with more licensees on board

The unmistakable and unique taste of Baileys is perfectly expressed in so many products to cover all seasons of the year

Baileys is growing and expanding in Italy, branching out into other product categories beyond the famous liqueur, thanks to the agency Maurizio Distefano Licensing, which manages its licensing rights with new licensees on board.

Leading companies in the food sector immediately recognized the high potential and strength of Baileys, which, in addition to its unique and distinctive taste, offers beautiful style guides that allow for the creation of high-impact and delicious products.

The latest addition to the Baileys lineup is Mec3, which joins the Baileys offering with a brand-new product for the market: Baileys ice cream. The launch happened in January in the best ice cream stores with the promise to offer consumers a new ice cream experience thanks to the creamy and enveloping feeling, enriched by the alcoholic notes.

For the sixth consecutive year, Bauli is offering for Easter 2024 the Colomba with a special Baileys flavor, which joins, within their dedicated line for the brand, the Pandoro and the Panettone with Baileys, offered last Christmas but which will still be available for the 2024 Holidays. The Bauli products with Baileys perfectly balance the velvety Irish Cream filling with the soft dough. A perfect combination of flavors, bold and overwhelming.

Dessert Manifattura has chosen Baileys to create three spoon desserts to be found in the refrigerated section of the best supermarkets throughout 2024. Launched in Q4 2023, Chocolate & Baileys, TiramisĂš with Baileys, and Caramel & Baileys are the three versions that the licensee offers, ready to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Caffè Borbone launched in November 2023 the product we were all waiting for, the innovative coffee cream with Baileys flavor. Unique on the market and enjoyable both hot and cold, it makes it perfect for any season of the year. The rapid sell-out at launch confirms the strength and uniqueness of this delicious product, where the unmistakable notes of Baileys blend masterfully with the taste of Caffè Borbone.

Vicenzi launched at the end of 2023 the special edition of the new GrisbĂŹ, where the soft Baileys cream is wrapped in delicious shortbread biscuits. For a moment of pure taste and pleasure, Vicenzi has created the perfect break of the day. The impactful communication has also contributed to the success of the product, which has been greatly appreciated by the public.

Maurizio Distefano, President of the agency, says: “We are very proud of the results that Baileys is achieving. We increasingly believe in the licensing market in the food category, which, especially in Italy, is rapidly expanding. The products made have shown how versatile Baileys is and how it can make any project elegant and tasty.”

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