The Gang from DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar Enter the Real World to Help PHB Care for Children’s Oral Hygiene

PHB, a pioneering company in the research and development of oral hygiene products, has released a new range of franchise-inspired products starring the unforgettable leading characters of DreamWorks Animation’s Madagascar, to encourage children to care for their teeth and gums from a young age.

The company’s collaboration with Planeta Junior confirms PHB’s responsibility and commitment to the entire family’s oral hygiene. “We are committed to continuous innovation to ensure that young children learn how to take proper care of their teeth while they play”, explains Marc Costa, Director of Communications at PHB. “These are quality products devised for children”, he concludes.

Eric Belloso, DreamWorks Brands Director at Planeta Junior emphasises that, “our company is delighted with this agreement with PHB as it combines the virtues of the DreamWorks and Madagascar brands with the quality of PHB products, combining the positive values of a renowned children’s brand with healthy habits that are a fundamental part of child development.”

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